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The speaker NW3 form a natural sounding HiFi system that can be used in almost every area. The dynamic chassis of the Danish company Pearless transferres music in its entire range. The NW3 perfectly fits to consciously listing to music at high volumes and can be just as enthusiastic with deep bass and clear highs. The housing of the speakers are made in a small German carpenters workshop. They are made of local wood, which is ideal for acoustic applications. These are solvent-free stained with color pigments and protected with natural wax. The powder-coated front guards assures by its fine perforations excellent fidelity. The connecting terminal does not need any plastic and allows the use of all common amplifiers. The sound attenuation is made of natural wool and provides a powerful and keen sound. Due to the simple appearance, the music is at the forefront.


The housing of the NW3 is manufactured competely in a small carpentry, near Schaebisch Gmuend (ger).

Möbelbau Schnaufer
Staining and waxing are very gentle processes. For the environment as well as health.

Osmo Wachs
Clou Beize
All manufacturers involved are mentioned on the footprint of the NW3. Those manufacturers guarantee for the quality of the product.