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The clock NW1 is designed discreet and optimized for easy reading. All the parts were originated in the Black Forest region. The durable steel dial is manufactured by 'Allgeier Email' in Triberg. The enamel is one of the most environmentally friendly and durable coatings. A glass mixture is applied by screen printing and baked afterwards. The clockwork itself is from the last manufacturer of wall clockwork in Europe, Uhrentechnik Schwarzwald. All parts used in them are from Germany and are brought together in Dunningen under highest quality standards. Also, the pointer of the NW1 comes from this region. The family Volker Schär is producing pointers in stamping and engraving processes in Villingen-Schwenningen. The NW1 unites in its classic appearance precisely those qualities that constitute a good clock: precision, durability and readability.


The enamelling process allows to burn the silk printed graphic onto the surface.
The very basic component of enamel are the enamel shreds. These are intemediate products within the production of glass melt. After applying the enamle onto steel both materials get merged. During this processthe enamel connects to the metal. The result is a highly durable and resistant surface.
Every single part of the NW1 is produced by our manufacturers in the Black Forrest. The dial, the clockwork and the clock hands.

Allgeier Email
Uhrentechnik Schwarzwald
Volker Schär
All manufacturers involved are mentioned on the backside of the NW1. Those manufacturers guarantee for the quality of the product.