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The NW2 is a simple, puristic bed. It is produced in a local carpentry in hand. For the frame local timber is used. This is solventless stained with color pigments and protected with natural wax. The simple plug-in connection of frame and legs stabilized the entire bed perfectly and allows assambly without tools. The reduced construction also ensures a minimal pack size, so that the bed is easy to transport. In addition, the modular design of the frame by simply replacing the head and foot end, facilitates the adaptation to all common rust and mattress sizes. So the NW2 is a companion for many years.


For our beds we use solid spruce wood. It is the ideal material because of its many positive features, like beeing a renewable, locally available and highly durable resource.
The frame of the NW2 is manufactured competely in a small carpentry, near Schaebisch Gmuend (ger).

Möbelbau Schnaufer
The NW2 is manufactured by using unsepcified machines and tools one can find in any local carpentry. For that reason it is possible to produce it as a small series product on a high quality standard.
Staining and waxing are very gentle processes. For the environment as well as health.

Osmo Wachs
Clou Beize
All manufacturers involved are mentioned on the inside frame of the NW2. Those manufacturers guarantee for the quality of the product.