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We design, manufacture and distribute in close collaboration with local craftsmen and businesses. Simple design and high quality have the same status as ecological production and transparency. A workshop has always been a place of manufacturing of resource-based products, finished with universal machines and repairable products, in a natural way - that is sustainable and honest. In progression of our consumerism culture this product fell into oblivion. With today's technology, however, we have now the ability to design serial products responsible, produce and communicate as well in such a workshop, according to  the demands of our time.

Our products are simple and reticent. It is not our intention to make just beautiful forms. We are concentrated on function, comprehensibility, ecology and durability. Like in a workshop we are very thoughtful with materials and make sure that the functions are optimally and reliably. So our work pieces become companions. We are guided by cultural values and not driven by the sales market; only thus we can make things up to the demands of our time.

Our products have a story and we want to tell it. We disclose where our workpieces come from, from what they consist of and who make them. This includes information on the production and use of materials, as well as contacts with our producers. In this way we want to communicate the value and quality of our products. This also conveys the price of our products.

We develop and produce our products in close cooperation with regional craft businesses, family businesses and small businesses. They are designed the way, that they can be produced with common tools, as simple as possible. So it is possible for us to realize high-quality standard products, without having to use industrial and polluting processes. In addition, our workpieces do not travel around the world, so we protect our environment.

For our products we use as pure and ecological as possible materials. These are easy to recycle, and for recycling there are non energy-intensive separation processes necessary. We work exclusively with native woods and instead synthetic materials we use durable metal parts. All our materials are coated with no harmful solvents. We also primarily use semi-finished products, which do not require complex production. At least our products are easily repairable parts and easy to replace.
Neue Werkstatt was founded by Moritz Fuhrmann, Peter Kraft and Jochen Maria Weber.